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Betting 101: The 12 Tips for Beginners To Know

Betting 101: The Tips for Beginners to Know

Welcome to By The Hook’s guide on sports betting. If you’re brand spanking new to sports betting, but not quite sure about where to begin, or if you know the basics of sports betting and would like to learn even more about it, this is the place for you.

Anyone has the potential to be a profitable sports bettor with the right information.

That’s why we here at BTH have put together all the instructions in one convenient location in an area called “Betting 101.”

And in a decision that would make Bernie Sanders happy, this education is free baby.

Consider it our way of saying, welcome aboard.

The gambling community is a unique band of brothers (and sisters) tied together by one common goal…

Beating the book.

Let’s jump right on in.

Favorites & Underdogs

Point Spreads

There are precisely two different ways to bet on a favorite or on the underdog.

The most common means is via a point spread, or what’s most often referred to as spread betting.

As stated in the previous section, a favorite is the team with a negative number next to their name.

The underdog is the team with a positive number next to their name.

A favorite “gives” or “lays” points, while an underdog typically “gets” points.

For example let’s say the Seahawks are 6-point favorites (-6) over the Panthers.

If you bet on Seattle, they would need to then win their game by 7 points or more in order for you to win your bet. If you bet on Carolina, they would need to either win the game outright, or lose by 5 points or less in order for you to win your bet.

Should Seattle win by exactly 6 points, the bet would be deemed as a “push” and the money you wagered would be returned to you regardless of the side you were backing.

Point spreads are available in all sports, but are primarily used when betting on football and basketball.

Point spreads in baseball and hockey (better known as the run-line and puck-line respectively) are always set at +/-1.5 and do not change.

For more of a breakdown on point spread wagering, please click here.

What Does -110 Mean?

Moneyline Wagering

Over/Under Betting

Parlays & Teasers

How to Place a Bet

Where to Place a Bet

How Much Should You Bet?

What are Rotation Numbers in Sports Betting?

Use Live Betting to Your Advantage

Line Movement & Shopping