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Will Gerrit Cole and the New York Yankees capture their first World Series title since 2009?


The Latest World Series, AL and NL Odds for the 2020 MLB Season

The Latest World Series, AL and NL Odds for the 2020 MLB Season

Like so many other sports, the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the 2020 MLB season.

After months of waiting and negotiations between owners and players, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred finally pressed the “nuclear button” and imposed a 60-game regular season to begin on July 24.

For the time being, despite a heavy surge in COVID-19 cases in the states of Arizona, Florida, and Texas, the MLB 60-game season is still a go.

Until that changes, here are your current futures odds to win the World Series and AL/NL pennants.

Odds to Win 2020 MLB World Series

Arizona Diamondbacks+4300+5000+4500
Atlanta Braves+1400+1200+1500
Baltimore Orioles+30000+75000+40000
Boston Red Sox+4300+3000+4000
Chicago White Sox+3300+2500+3300
Chicago Cubs+2600+2200+2500
Cincinnati Reds+2600+2500+2500
Cleveland Indians+2300+2200+2200
Colorado Rockies+16000+15000+15000
Detroit Tigers+30000+75000+40000
Houston Astros+800+650+800
Kansas City Royals+30000+50000+30000
Los Angeles Angels+3500+3500+3300
Los Angeles Dodgers+380+375+350
Miami Marlins+30000+75000+30000
Milwaukee Brewers+3500+3500+3500
Minnesota Twins+1500+1600+1500
New York Yankees+400+400+385
New York Mets+2200+2000+2200
Oakland Athletics+2500+2500+2500
Philadelphia Phillies+2500+2000+2500
Pittsburgh Pirates+16000+10000+17500
San Diego Padres+4600+4000+4000
San Francisco Giants+30000+15000+22500
Seattle Mariners+30000+50000+35000
St. Louis Cardinals+2500+2000+3000
Tampa Bay Rays+1700+1800+1800
Texas Rangers+7000+8000+7500
Toronto Blue Jays+8500+10000+10000
Washington Nationals+1800+1800+1800

The Dodgers and Yankees remain the consensus short-favorites to claim the 2020 World Series, with the ever-controversial Houston Astros* coming in right behind them from anywhere between +650 and +800.

The defending World Series Champion Washington Nationals come into the 2020 MLB Season listed at 18-1 to do it all again, while Red Sox faithful can take a flyer ranging from 30-1 at DraftKings Sportsbook all the way up to 43-1 at FanDuel Sportsbook.

* Audible sounds from trash cans are not believed to be included with any Astros futures’ bets.

Odds to Win American League 2020

Baltimore Orioles+15000+35000+20000
Boston Red Sox+2200+1300+2000
Chicago White Sox+1600+1500+1600
Cleveland Indians+1100+1100+1100
Detroit Tigers+15000+35000+20000
Houston Astros+400+350+400
Kansas City Royals+15000+25000+15000
Los Angeles Angels+1800+1500+1400
Minnesota Twins+750+800+750
New York Yankees+175+175+170
Oakland Athletics+1200+1300+1200
Seattle Mariners+15000+25000+17500
Tampa Bay Rays+750+800+800
Texas Rangers+3800+5000+4000
Toronto Blue Jays+5000+5000+5000

The Yankees and Astros remain the presumptive favorites to claim the American League pennant in 2020, with the Twins and Rays in a virtual tie for the third-best odds to punch their ticket to the Fall Classic this October.

Odds to Win National League 2020

Arizona Diamondbacks+2100+3000+2200
Atlanta Braves+700+600+700
Chicago Cubs+1300+1100+1300
Cincinnati Reds+1300+1500+1400
Colorado Rockies+8000+7000+7500
Los Angeles Dodgers+160+170+150
Miami Marlins+15000+35000+15000
Milwaukee Brewers+1800+2000+1800
New York Mets+1100+900+1000
Philadelphia Phillies+1300+1100+1300
Pittsburgh Pirates+10000+10000+10000
San Diego Padres+2400+2200+2000
San Francisco Giants+10000+12500+11500
St. Louis Cardinals+1200+900+1400
Washington Nationals+850+750+825

After acquiring Mookie Betts and David Price (who has since announced he will not play the 2020 season due to concerns about the COVID-19 virus), the Dodgers are the heavy favorite to win their third National League pennant in four years.

The Braves and Nationals make up the rest of the top-three.

Mets fans may not want to hear this (or believe this), but per oddsmakers, the Metropolitans are listed as the fourth most likely team to reach the World Series from the National League.


All Odds Current as of July 7, 2020

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