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Colts, Bears Odds-On Favorites to Trade for Carson Wentz

Colts, Bears Odds-On Favorites to Trade for Carson Wentz

With Super Bowl 55 in the rear-view mirror we are now full speed ahead on what should be a completely crazy NFL offseason.

The NFL quarterback carousel figures to be the driving story of the 2021 NFL Offseason, with Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff already swapping places, and the likes of Deshaun Watson, Sam Darnold, Marcus Mariota, and possibly even Russell Wilson all being dangled on the trade market (depending on what rumor you wish to believe anyway).

One quarterback that appears to be on the move is that of former Eagles’ starting quarterback Carson Wentz.

And per Adam Schefter, aka the best NFL insider in the game, the trade isn’t a matter of if but when.

Naturally, this immediately set off rumors that the teams most interested in the former MVP candidate that has since seen his production fall off a cliff are that of the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts.

Neither fan base seems overly excited at the prospect of giving out significant draft compensation for the man that’s been injured frequently, lost his job to rookie Jalen Hurts, and looks like a shell of his former shelf (2620 yards passing, 16 TD, 15 INT in 2020).

The main hold-up to Wentz not being traded yet is because the Eagles are reportedly looking to land a trade package similar to what the Lions received for QB Matthew Stafford.

However, that’s incredibly unlikely to happen considering Stafford was still a very productive player stuck in NFL purgatory playing in Detroit, and the Rams had to pay a premium in order to get the Lions to take on Jared Goff’s enormous salary in the process.

It doesn’t help matters that teams could just as easily sign a player like Mitchell Trubisky and get roughly the same production without the absurdity of surrendering multiple first-round picks.

Also if a team like the Bears or Jets really want to send a large trade package in exchange for a young quarterback with a big contract in place, they’d be more likely to try to pour every draft asset they had in landing Deshaun Watson, not Carson Wentz.

With that being said, as with just about anything NFL related, you can bet on it!  Courtesy of our friends at FanDuel Sportsbook, here are the odds on where Carson Wentz will be playing in 2021.


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