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NHL Goal in First 10 Minutes Betting Report

NHL Goal in First 10 Minutes Betting Report

Another wager that hockey bettors have discovered and fallen in love with recently is the “Goal in First Ten Minutes” prop bet.

This bet may also appear at some sportsbooks as a “goal in the first 9:30 of the 1st-period prop,” but it largely does the same thing – just with 30 seconds less to work with.

If you’re the type of bettor needing a little more instant gratification on the result betting on a goal in the first half of the 1st period could be right up your alley.

As is the case with NHL 1st period totals betting, there are some teams that do much better at scoring quickly than others, and the market does adjust in the same manner.

For example, during the 2019-20 season betting on the quick scoring Vegas Golden Knights to score in the first 10 minutes would come with more juice than betting on the Winnipeg Jets to do the same thing.

As always is the case, don’t let this table be the “be all, end all” of your handicapping, but rather an additional guide you can use to make the correct picks.


2021 NHL Goal in First 10 Minutes Standings

TeamWin %OverallHomeAway
Anaheim Ducks.5008-8-05-3-03-5-0
Arizona Coyotes.6009-6-05-5-04-1-0
Boston Bruins.3575-9-03-1-02-8-0
Buffalo Sabres.4545-6-04-3-01-3-0
Calgary Flames.6009-6-04-2-05-4-0
Carolina Hurricanes.4616-7-03-1-03-6-0
Chicago Blackhawks.4708-9-05-3-03-6-0
Colorado Avalanche.5837-5-01-4-06-1-0
Columbus Blue Jackets.64711-6-05-3-06-3-0
Dallas Stars.4165-7-01-7-04-0-0
Detroit Red Wings.5299-8-05-2-04-6-0
Edmonton Oilers.64711-6-07-2-04-4-0
Florida Panthers.6158-5-04-4-04-1-0
Los Angeles Kings.6158-5-05-2-03-3-0
Minnesota Wild.5456-5-05-1-01-4-0
Montreal Canadiens.6009-6-04-3-05-3-0
Nashville Predators.6009-6-06-3-03-3-0
New Jersey Devils.4444-5-01-4-03-1-0
New York Islanders.5338-7-04-2-04-5-0
New York Rangers.6678-4-06-2-02-2-0
Ottawa Senators.58810-7-03-3-07-4-0
Philadelphia Flyers.5006-6-04-3-02-3-0
Pittsburgh Penguins.76910-3-03-2-07-1-0
San Jose Sharks.5007-7-01-1-06-6-0
St. Louis Blues.5008-8-02-6-06-2-0
Tampa Bay Lightning.5718-6-03-4-05-2-0
Toronto Maple Leafs.62510-6-05-4-05-2-0
Vancouver Canucks.63112-7-05-4-07-3-0
Vegas Golden Knights.5387-6-06-4-01-2-0
Washington Capitals.5387-6-02-5-05-1-0
Winnipeg Jets.4677-8-05-5-02-3-0


Tables Current as of February 16, 2021 (11:00AM ET)

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