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Super Bowl 55

Super Bowl 55 Coin Toss Prop: Tails Never Fails?

Super Bowl 55 Coin Toss Prop: Tails Never Fails?

We are a few days away from having the entire Super Bowl 55 prop list at our disposal, but we already have the odds for one of the most popular bets that will be a staple of every Super Bowl prop sheet in the world.

We’re of course talking about the coin toss to determine who will receive the opening kickoff on Super Sunday.

Yes that’s correct, for one game per season, novice and sharp bettors alike can bet on heads or tails (like a scene from Vegas Vacation), and like there is with about anything betting related – we have trends for this too!

Many experienced bettors love to bet on the coin toss and National Anthem prior to the game as a means to score a couple quick wins to boost their bankroll and give them a little extra pep in their step for the rest of their Super Bowl wagering.

Novice bettors love to bet on the coin toss because it’s a literal coin flip to determine a winner.  Not much thought process needs to go into betting on “heads” or “tails”, at least not as much thought process that goes into betting on the game itself.

Come February 7th, the Kansas City Chiefs will enter Raymond James Stadium as the designated (and considering Tampa is playing at home, literal) road team meaning they will be the ones to call the toss in the air.

If recent history is any indication of what side to pick, the old saying “tails never fails” has rang true in six of the past seven Super Bowls, including Super Bowl LIV when the 49ers won the coin toss by calling tails.

Tails, in fact, has been the winning coin toss in 29 of the 54 Super Bowls, with the NFC winning the coin toss in six of the past seven Super Bowls.

If you’re hoping to find a slight edge on either side of the coin (no pun intended), you’re going to be slightly disappointed as the odds for who wins the coin toss, and what side of the coin will turn up are both listed at near even money at -105, making this as close to a true 50/50 proposition that you’re going to find on Super Bowl Sunday.

But, until it proves otherwise, always remember…

Tails never fails.

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