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Super Bowl 55

Super Bowl 55 Over/Under is Highest Total in History

Super Bowl 55 Over/Under is Highest Total in History

After 17 weeks of regular season play and three intense rounds of playoff action, Super Bowl 55 is finally set.

The AFC Champion Kansas City Chiefs will return to defend their crown against the NFC Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who return to the Super Bowl for the first time since they routed the Oakland Raiders 48-21 in Super Bowl XXXVII 18 years ago.

It should be no surprise that oddsmakers have already designated the highest ever total for this matchup of offensive juggernauts, especially given the fact that Patrick Mahomes showed no indication that the two injuries he suffered in their divisional playoff win over the Browns would slow him down at all.

The Bucs enter Super Bowl LV averaging just under 31 points per contest, while the Chiefs are right on their tails averaging just under 30 points per game in their own rights.

While each defense has played downright great football for stretches of time throughout this postseason, the potency of each offense is sending early bettors to the window to jump on the over.

As of the first morning after the Super Bowl matchup was officially set, 60% of Super Bowl bettors have put bets on the over.  However, the money has overwhelmingly favored the under in the hours immediately after odds were posted, with 95% of the handle currently on the explosive offenses staying under the initial 57.5-point total.

Should the 57.5-point total hold true for the next two weeks, it will be the highest over/under ever set for a Super Bowl matchup, slightly edging out the 57-point total that Super Bowl LI between New England and Atlanta settled at.

Tom Brady may recall a thing or two about that game.

Does a high point total typically equal the over hitting?  Going off of historical numbers, it tends to go the other way.

Here is how every Super Bowl with a total of at least 50 points has fared over the last five decades and change:

Super Bowl Over/Unders of 50+ Points

Super BowlClosing TotalGame Result
LI (2016) - Patriots vs. Falcons5734-28 (OT) / OVER
XLIV (2009) - Colts vs. Saints56.531-17 / UNDER
LIII (2018) - Patriots vs. Rams5613-3 / UNDER
XLII (2007) - Patriots vs. Giants54.517-14 / UNDER
XXIX (1994) - 49ers vs. Chargers5449-26 / OVER
XIX (1984) - 49ers vs. Dolphins53.538-16 / OVER
LIV (2019) - Chiefs vs. 49ers5331-20 / UNDER
XLVI (2011) - Patriots vs. Giants5321-17 / UNDER
XXXVI (2001) - Rams vs. Patriots5320-17 / UNDER
XXX (1995) - Cowboys vs. Steelers5227-17 / UNDER
XXXIII (1998) - Broncos vs. Falcons51.534-19 / OVER
XXVIII (1993) - Cowboys vs. Bills50.530-13 / OVER

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