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Super Bowl 54 Prop Sheets


Super Bowl 54 Prop Sheet

Super Bowl 54 Prop Sheet

There are many important keys to hosting a memorable Super Bowl party that will keep your guests entertained regardless of the game being close or a blowout that quickly turns into a snoozefest.

You need to have the game on TV first of all.

Then you need some snacks.  (A lot of snacks.)

Then you probably need a healthy supply of cold beverages,  and a Super Bowl prop sheet.

What?!  You don’t have your Super Bowl LIV prop sheet yet?

You don’t have the hottest 25 props to entertain your Super Bowl party with and potentially win a little money on the side with some friendly wagers?

Well, do not fret any longer as we have you covered here at with our fancy, handy-dandy, prop sheet o’ goodness.

To download your Super Bowl 54 prop sheet PDF copy, click here.

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